Chef Frank Sampere creates every week a new recipe based on seasonal products, special arrivals and/or because he feels good about one dish.  Usually, there will be one entrée, one main course and one dessert added to our regular menu. These three dishes are available for both lunch and dinner, so technically, there are available from 11Am ’til 10PM non-stop…

The week of Monday May 22

Avocat - Crevettes

Shrimps and avocado, cocktail sauce

Moussaka d’agneau gratinée

Lamb Moussaka "au gratin"

Entremet chocolat blanc et gelée de framboises

White chocolate mousse and raspberries jelly

The week of Monday May 15

Croquette de crevettes
Croquettes de crevettes

Crevettes grises de la Mer du Nord

Roasted sea bass

Roasted Sea Bass

basil butter sauce, green asparagus risotto



The week of Monday May 08

Oeuf Mimosa

Stuffed eggs mimosa style

Foie de Veau

Pan fried veal liver, with garlic herb butter

Dacquoise aux noisettes

Hazelnut biscuit, pralin mousse

The week of Monday April 24

Oeuf mollet Florentine

Soft boiled egg, spinach and grated béchamel sauce

Blanquette de Veau

Veal stew with mushrooms and spring onions, pilaf rice

Triple Chocolate cake

The week of Monday April 17

Spanish Casserole
Assiette Espagnole

Tomatoes and Chorizo

Cabillaud Rôti

chocolat praline

Chocolat & Praline

The week of Monday April 2

Salad Caprese

Tomatoes and Mozzarella

Bavette d'aloyau

Bavette d'aloyau

aux échalottes

gateau au fromage


aux ananas

The week of Monday March 28

Salade d'endives
Salade d'endives

Noix, lardon, pommes, Roquefort

Filet de Cabillaud

Tartelette au citron

Tartelette au citron

The week of Monday March 06

Calamari fritti
Calamars à la romaine

Sauce tartare

coq au vin

Coq au vin

Mousse au Chocolat

Fruits de la passion

The week of Monday Feb 27

Ris de veau

Tarte de fine de ris de veau, duxelle de champignon, jus de veau acidulé

steak haché

Rumsteack haché

Rumsteack haché à cheval, sauce vigneronne, pommes pont-neuf


Entremet marron et pralin , mousse de whisky

The week of Monday Feb 20

tartare de seabass
Tartare de bar

Mayonnaise légère


Moussaka d'agneau


tartelette tutti fruti

The week of Monday Feb 20

Salade de Gésiers
Escalope Milanese

Escalope Milanese

with fettuccine

Tartelette Tutti Frutti

The week of Monday Jan 28

saumon et chevre
Smoked salmon

stuffed with goat cheese

coq au vin

Coq au vin

dessert a la framboise

Entremêt Framboise

The week of Monday Jan 23

Oeuf mollet florentine

Soft boiled egg, spinach and béchamel sauce

spaghetti saltimbocca

Spaghetti Saltimbocca

Saltimbocca style : veal / cured ham/ sage

ile flottante

Ile Flottante

The week of Monday Jan 09

Spanish Casserole
Cassolette espagnole
Boudin blanc

Boudin Blanc

mille feuille open wine


From Monday Dec 12 to Sunday December 18

Boudin Noir

Black pudding and roasted apple, black pudding light cream

cote de veau

Côte de Veau

Premium veal cutlet from "La Ferme du Bassac", sautéed potatoes, "chanterelles" mushroom coulis

Dôme de Fraisier

Strawberry cake, inside a chocolate ball

From Monday Nov 28 to Sunday December 04

Fish Tartare

Barracuda fish tartare, spring onions and Espelette pepper

Blanquette de veau à l’ancienne

charlotte a open wine

Charlotte Belle-Hélène

Vanilla pear cake & chocolate mousse

From Monday Nov 21 to Sunday November 27

Calamari fritti
Fried calamari

tartare sauce

Boudin blanc

Boudin Blanc

warm apple sauce, “dauphines potatoes “, veal jus

tarte aux fruits

Fruit cake

From Monday Nov 07 to Sunday November 13th

Oeuf mollet florentine

Soft boiled egg, spinach and béchamel sauce

spaghetti saltimbocca

Spaghetti Saltimbocca

Saltimbocca style : veal / cured ham/ sage

tartelette tutti fruti

Tarte tutti-frutti

From Monday Oct 31 to Sunday November 6th

Chicken liver salad

with croutons


Zucchini and bolognese

Tartelette a l'Orange

From Monday Oct 24 to Sunday October 30th

tartare de seabass
Seabass Tartare

light dill mayonnaise

Roasted leg of lamb

and its juice, dauphines potato


From Monday Oct 18th to Sunday October 23rd

Smoked Salmon

Cuccumber, light dill mayonnaise, parmesan crisps

Blanquette de veau à l’ancienne

chocolat blanc

Nain Provençal

Apricot jelly tart, white chocolate mousse

From Monday Oct 10th to Sunday October 16th

Spanish Casserole
Spanish Casserole

egg, chorizo, tomatoes, thyme


Creamy crab ravioli, diced veggies

Pistachio financier

light chocolate mousse, pistachio whipped cream

From Monday Oct 3rd to Sunday October 9th

Shimp Croquette


Saffron Risotto with fresh Salmon


Praline, chocolate and coffee cake

From Monday September 19th to Sunday September 25th

saumon et chevre
Smoked Salmon

Homemade smoked salmon stuffed with goat cheese and raisins


Preserved lamb shank “ parmentier “, red wine sauce


Passion fruit tart

From Monday September 12th to Sunday September 18th

Fish Tartare

Barracuda fish tartare, spring onions and Espelette pepper

Chicken leg

Chicken leg stuffed with mushrooms, jus, light mashed potatoes and truffles oil


chocolate cake, apricots coulis

From Monday September 5th to Sunday September 11th

Oeuf Mollet

Soft boiled eggs, green peas French style, crispy bacon


Zucchini lasagna, homemade bolognese sauce, fresh thyme


Three-chocolate cake

From Monday August 29th to Sunday September 5th


Scrambled eggs with black truffles, cured ham on toast


Lamb Moussaka

Tartelette Arabica

From Monday August 22nd to Sunday August 28th

weekly suggestion

Roasted "Chavignol"

goat cheese with honey and thyme, toast and rucola

Witloofs "au gratin"

with ham


Spanish Casserole

Spanish Casserole

Egg, Chorizo, Tomato, Thyme

Sea-bass Fillet

"papillotte", veggies & rosemary butter

mille feuille open wine

Crispy mille-feuille

light cream, strawberries

From Monday August 8th to Sunday August

Smoked mackerel

Homemade smoked mackerel, iced peas soup


Creamy Bolognese


Homemade with pride

From Monday August 1th to Sunday August 7th

Scrambled eggs

with Roquefort (blue cheese) in puff pastry


Mustard Sauce, Spinash

Tarte aux poires

Pears & Almond tart, with a chocolate banner

From Monday July 25th to Sunday August 31st


on country bread

Blanquette de Veau

French classic

Choco-Caramel tart

Sweet & Sour