On the first of July of this year, your favorite restaurant Open Wine signed an agreement with the new and upcoming minimart chain KiwiMarts,  to distribute Open Wine’s most popular meals in sealed containers.

Kiwi marts have been around for a few years now, with small neighborhood facilities in the center of Phnom penh. They even had different brands too, like the Llama Mart on street 51… However, it was somewhat poorly managed until now, and compared to their biggest competitor “Smile”, they were no match.

So why Open Wine decided to go along with a lo-runner?

Simply because this company, empowered by a member of the Catry family (who also handle U-care pharmacies), has decided to reinvest and rejuvenate its brand. The new General manager, Pierre, is very energetic (freshly arrived from Barcelona) frenchman with a solid background and a clear vision. Not only will they compete with their old rival “smile” on the small minimarts, but they also intend to measure up to supermarket brands like Thai Huot and Bayon.

After 10 years in operation, with highs and lows, we, at Open Wine, understand the sacrifices and the energy required to build a strong brand. In our history, many suppliers have trusted us and helped us in many ways to continue the “fight”. It is our turn now to help promising young companies to develop and grow. When we feel the product, the people and the strategy are of great nature, we want to endorse them.

So good luck to Kiwimart in their expansion, we will stand by you

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